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Rethinking Cold Cases, One Dead End at a Time

CommStatim trainers and consultants specialize in the fields of Criminology, Security and Safety -- serving both public and private sectors.
Tracking down paper trails can be overwhelming – whether it's in old file drawers, on disks and corrupted hard drives, or million-page data bases. Learn the tricks and shortcuts from one of the best document hunters in the country, now with CommStatim.
Our former federal profilers and polygraphers (now authors) will teach you how to outwit liars and get them to reveal the truth – but they’ll also make you aware of how lie detectors can be abused. In addition, a trained forensic hypnotist has a presentation on the use of hypnosis to recover lost or blocked memory from a victim or witness at a crime event. Finally, another trainer tells you how to read people and influence how they perceive you.
Join the crusaders fighting for the wrongfully convicted. Learn how to carefully identify and document the bad apples, search for new evidence, and recruit diverse allies to support those worthy of second chances.
How does an old attic crime folder become a Tinsel Town touchdown? What plot twists sell movies? When does a love triangle make good comedy? Learn how to work with producers that live and breathe true stories -- and cash in.
Forget the usual suspects. Build a diverse tipster network, watch for key divorces, and calendar case anniversary calls. Then when something breaks, find a newspaper database going back to Day 1. You'll learn the rest from our best.
Our cold-case experts have various specialized courses -- involving missing victims, murdered persons and uncharged suspects.
This presentation highlights a training opportunity for the investigator that increases their critical thinking skills. The learning objectives will: 1) clarify what we think we know, see, hear, understand and recall when communicating; 2) introduce the "8 Elements of Thinking" and "9 Intellectual Standards for Reasoning," which influences effective fact-finding, decision making, and pursuit of the truth; and 3) present several case studies that will have you rethinking the way you see the world.
Anthropologists and CSI experts will address the unique forensic concerns when processing, documenting and protecting a decades-old crime scene.
Leading academics and criminalists discuss the scientific value of forensic evidence analysis, along with the new advances in technology to detect crime.
Learn how public safety officials are gathering, manipulating and displaying geographic information system (GIS) data and imagery, including GPS and satellite photographs, for crimefighting and cold case investigations.
Learn how to carefully identify and recruit human sources for criminal investigations.
Learn the process of visually presenting networks of connected entities (i.e.: crimes, suspects and dates) as nodes and links -- nodes representing specific data points of information, while links signify the connections between them. By integrating these analysis tools, you’ll have huge advantages over your former “flat” data models of lists and graphs. And we have the wizards that can make it happen.
Through training events and workshops, our professionals will reduce the fear, embarrassment, and agony of public speaking for some and increase your repertoire of oral communications skills in the classroom, town hall, courtroom, or conference room for all.
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Presenting the Rebekah Gould murder Case at CrimeCon 2021
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The Myth of Misinformation
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A CLOSER LOOK: the murder mystery of Rebekah Gould

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